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Technologies We Love

Some of the tools and platforms we utilize

Mobile Apps

Ease of accessibility

Never before, in our history, have we been so connected to one another. This is thanks to the revolution that is mobile devices. Software "Apps" that run on these mobile devices offer a perfect medium to provide service and transact commerce.

At, we look to the power of this mobile platform to provide market reach in both connected and disconnected scenarios. By offering a broad range of mobile products and services on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops we plan to affect positive change in the lives of our users, young to old.

We anticipate global demand for mobile applications to do nothing but increase substantially in the foreseeable future.


Desktop Software

Robust platform = Rich experience

Much to the chagrin of critics, the desktop computer is far from dead. On the contrary, innovative hardware and OS pairings are only offering a more productive and feature rich environment for consumers. Devices such as the Microsoft Surface are blurring the lines between mobile and desktop devices. believes the desktop platform will continue to offer the utmost in terms of a productive user experience to business and creative professionals getting work done. As with mobile, we are confident the desktop platform market segment will also continue to grow in the future and we remain committed to producing software that enhances the desktop experience through entertainment, productivity and educational products and services.

The Internet

A content and service delivery platform

Web Placeholder is a firm believer in enabling the potential of technology through harnessing the power of the internet. We utilize the web's protocols as a transmission pipeline for our connected apps and its ubiquity as an opportunity to reach potential users.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

Unprecedented web interactivity

With HTML's 5th iteration, the web now has the tools to deliver a first class user interface experience. Coupled with CSS 3 and JavaScript, rich content delivery, interactivity and responsive design are all now achievable. utilizes these current standards in all of our web applications and we are fully invested in seeing them succeed. In that vein, we fully support open source software initiatives and standards.

Cloud Platforms

Scalable and redundant storage

The ability to count on a service to be there when you need it most is paramount to running any business. Cloud platforms offers scalability coupled with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe thanks to redundancy. As the web's reach grows, the power of a centralized data store with distributed replication and access becomes more valuable every day to all businesses.

With current market offerings from Google Cloud, Microsoft's Azure platform and Amazon's AWS, Interactive is able to leverage cloud technology to monitor and react to business metrics as well as provide additional functionality within our products. As outspoken cloud proponents, - "We are all in!"

Unity 3D

Revolution in a box

With the continual growth of the gaming market segment by leaps and bounds over the last decade, the arduous arena of game development was ripe for disruption. This is exactly what Unity did and continues to do with its products. Touted as a cross-platform game development platform, Unity empowers game developers large and small with an intuitive interface, powerful tools and flexible deployment options. The masses have flocked to its fold and for good reason. utilizes many versions of Unity's product in a number of its game and visualization apps and we look forward to a long, fruitful partnership with Unity as they release future versions and services.

3rd Party APIs

Talking amongst ourselves

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, have been around for a while, but have only recently become prominent among purveyors for the accessing of "open" information over on the web. When dealing with fractionalized information, APIs allow for superb collaboration resulting in a completely transparent and cohesive interaction. enriches end user experiences by making use of various 3rd party APIs from popular social networks and consumer services like Facebook, Twitter and music providers.

Sectors Served

Where we want our products to have an meaningful impact

  • Gaming

  • Play

    Most are born with a love of play. We believe that games should be a lifelong enjoyment that can not only provide relaxation, but also stimulation, life enrichment, health benefits, and even job training!

  • Social

  • People

    Everything in life is about relationships. At Interactive, we strive to incorporate positive social interaction between our users whenever possible in all of our products.

  • Bullying

    Not even once.

  • Education

  • Duty

    Educational software allows us to effectively package learning units and present them in a "gamified" format which results in higher skill acquisition, utilization and long term retention rates.


Our portfolio of software products

Coming eventually. (We promise)

We have numerous products in development. Please check back for updates.

About Us

A few words about and from our founder

Wayne "WayneGlows" Martin

After spending the better part of his adult life writing custom enterprise software and helping build a family construction business into an industrial juggernaut, our founder decided to follow his calling. Having experimented with a few startups, sofware development remains his passion.

"I founded Interactive because I believe software is the key to our future as a civilization, and we are responsible for writing that future today. Those who leverage an innovative company culture and an attractive value proposition while delivering quality software products to the marketplace will flourish."

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